Long Term Care

Long Term care is expensive and your assets could be used up quickly in a long term care situation.  There is a 50-50 chance that you will need Long Term care in your lifetime and as people live longer, those odds increase. Care costs can damage even the best retirement plan.  Now, Missouri’s new long term care Partnership Plan allows a 50 year-old married couple to qualify for $100,000 of asset protection with a leading, top-rated provider for just under $35 per month each.

New policies today that qualify for Missouri’s new Partnership Plan can be specially designed to give you the coverage you want including plans that:

  • Pay a monthly CASH benefit – starting DAY ONE
  • Pay family members to care for you!
  • Pay up to two times the Nursing Home benefit for Home Health care!
  • Allow spouses to share benefits and more!

    We invite you to call our Long Term Care Specialist, Frank Newell, for your personalized quote.  It will only take about five minutes.

    We would also invite you to view an exciting new website that gives you the information you need.   It features one of the top experts in the nation and offers a series of short videos about Long Term Care Today and the new Partnership Plan.  To access this site, simply go to the link below:

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